The Forward-Thrusting Double-Retainer belongs to the family of functional orthopaedic appliances. These devices offer the best form of natural treatment for jaw misalignment, by controlling growth and improving function of the lips, mouth and tongue. With this apparatus, the teeth of the upper and lower jaw and the position of both jaws are corrected to be properly aligned, and closure of the mouth is improved in order to guarantee normal chewing, bite and speech. Please note that both the Forward-Thrusting Double-Retainer and the Active Retainer provide similar care.

The Forward-Thrusting Double-Retainer helps chiefly in the treatment of the following tooth and jaw misalignments:

  • Back of the lower jaw (Class II) / Mandibular retrognathia,
  • Overbite / Overjet,
  • Deep bite / Horizontal growth pattern,
  • Improvement of profile where a receding chin is present,

  • As well as all the functionality of an active retainer.

As with any other brace, it can take a few days to get used to wearing it. During this time, teeth may be slightly sensitive and speech may be affected.

The retainer must be worn day and night for a minimum period of 13 - 16 hours, however not at school, nor while eating or playing sports.

The duration of treatment with the retainer depends on how old the patient is, the growth phase of the teeth and jaw, and how diligently the patient wears the clasp. Normally, the treatment period is approximately 9-12 months, with check-ups every 6 - 8 weeks.

Sometimes another clip is required prior to treatment using the retainer, and often afterwards for further treatment.

The retainer must be cleaned every day using toothpaste and a hard toothbrush. If not being worn, it is essential that, after being thoroughly cleaned, it be put back in its case (please, do not place it loose in your pocket). From time to time it is recommended to get rid of any hard deposits, using oxygen tablets e.g. Kukident, or with warm water and a little vinegar.

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