Orthodontics For Adults

In the past, it was unthinkable for adults to receive orthodontic care, but a lot has changed over the years, and now it possible for people of all ages to receive treatment. And we are specialised in adult orthodontics.

Specific methods, techniques, concepts and equipment, which often make surgery or removal of some teeth superfluous, have proved effective.

Often, for professional and/or personal reasons, many patients do not want a visible brace - something we fully understand. Therefore, we offer, amongst other things, alignment technology, such as Invisalign (the market leader in northern Bavaria) and Ortho Caps, or internally fixed braces, such as Incognito. These treatment options are almost invisible and we are fully qualified to perform these procedures.

We are happy to help. Consultancy costs, including those for adults, are covered by all health insurance companies.

In extreme or rare jaw misalignment, the removal of certain teeth or surgery is unavoidable. Through interdisciplinary collaboration with renowned mouth, jaw and face surgeons in Nuremberg and Erlangen, we achieve the best possible results.

CMD and TMJ problems:

Use of our own patent, the "AquaSplint Classic", has proven to be highly successful in such cases. It is the only self-adjusting and customisable, prefabricated CMD guard which can be applied within minutes without the need for laboratory work or casts. It consists of two cushions connected by a water hose (Hydrostatic Aqua Balance). It provides optimum stability and comfort and, when compared to traditional mouth guards, offers the following advantages:

  • Immediate support/pain relief, and application in minutes, without the need for a dental cast
  • Universal application - suitable for children and adolescents too
  • Self-adjusting, making regular check-ups not necessary
  • Excellent support and comfort thanks to the bespoke alignment
  • Only needs to be worn 10hrs a day (8hrs a night, 2hrs during daytime)
  • Excellent clinical results and patient satisfaction

In comparison to similar mouth guards, the AquaSplint Classic offers the following:

  • Improved muscle relaxation - with conventional products it is necessary to keep the mouth permanently closed, or refrain from muscle activity in the mouth (making relaxation difficult), whereas the self-maintaining "AquaSplint Classic", along with its advantageous positioning within the lower jaw, ensures better muscular relaxation
  • The only self-adjusting, customisable CMD mouth guard that can also be used during orthodontic treatment (brace, Invisalign, etc.)
  • Longer lasting (4-6 weeks) and little fluid loss
  • No sharp edges
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