Orthodontics For Children

The best time for orthodontic treatment and any required brace or retainer is not always the same. Varying factors can affect this timeframe, including:

  • Type of tooth and jaw deformity
  • Age
  • Period of growth
  • Period of tooth change
  • Gender
  • Growth pattern
  • Angle classification etc.

Sometimes it is necessary for treatment to begin early on, when children still have their milk teeth, however sometimes it is enough to begin just before the end of the growing period. Due to the complexity of the issue, it is reommended that you take your child to see an orthodontist, even if you are of the opinion that your child's teeth are fine. Healthy teeth and jaw alignment are more than just the row of straight teeth you might see when your child smiles.

The statutory health insurance companies cover treatment costs at any age, including adults. The treatment costs are only taken over in exceptional cases, when it begins after the age of 18.

Orthodontic treatment usually begins in children and adolescents by means of a loose brace, such as functional orthodontic appliances, bionator and so on. Such devices aid the correction of jaw misalignment, muscle malfunctions, for controlling jaw growth and improving overall harmony of face shape and muscles. Treatment of the aforementioned ailments not only benefits the health of your teeth and jaw joints, but also of the cervical spine and entire body.

After this, a fixed brace is almost always necessary. This stabilisation is extremely important, otherwise there is a danger that the teeth will move back to their original position.

The cornerstone to the success of orthodontic treatment is the cooperation, motivation and optimal oral hygiene of the patient. We're always working to motivate our patients. Nevertheless, the help of parents is always appreciated.

At our practice, we aim to provide the best quality care, while ensuring that it is fast and affordable and, where possible, without the need for tooth extraction or operation on the jaw.

If you have any questions, we are more than happy to help.

The team at Kieferorthopädie Nürnberg

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