The multiband appliance provides treatment via a fixed apparatus. No matter what age, teeth can be moved in any direction and there is less patient cooperation needed than when using a loose brace. The teeth are covered with so-called brackets to accommodate a highly elastic arch-wire. Through continuous low-level pressure from the various elements (small springs, elastic chains, graceful arch wires, etc.), movement is performed without pain.

The multiband appliance is used to treat almost every malocclusion and is used in one or both jaws. It takes about 3 - 4 days for the patient to become fully accustomed to wearing the device. During this time, teeth may become slightly sensitive, and speech could be affected

The duration of treatment with the multiband appliance depends on how old the patient is, how often they attend check-ups, and how severe the misalignment is. Normally, the treatment period is about 12 - 18 months, with check-ups every 3 - 5 weeks.

In adolescents a loose clasp is usually needed to exploit growth before treatment with the multiband appliance.

This procedure goes through various stages before reaching the final result and, occasionally, it is possible that during the realignment period, the teeth will look worse than before treatment began, however this is perfectly normal and all part of the path towards achieving perfect teeth.

The multiband appliance is fixed firmly in the mouth, making brushing difficult. Therefore, patience is necessary and perfect oral hygiene is a prerequisite. Optimally clean teeth are a must, otherwise the risk of decalcification and cavities can not be excluded. When brushing, teeth must be cleaned intensively, initially above the brackets, including the gums and then below, up to the cutting edge. In order to reach tooth surfaces either side of the bracket and beneath the archwire, special interdental brushes are recommended.

The prophylaxis and follow-up appointments at the dentist should be regularly observed, even when the patient is asked to attend every few weeks.

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